Tips to excel at smartphone photography

Along with a popularity of smartphones, everyone has become a smartphone photographer. Where ever you go, you could see people taking photographs before actually seeing what is being captured. Everyone is now a smartphone photographer and we all want the photos taken by us to be best-looking. Be it DSLR or smartphone camera you should always keep in mind about basic rules of photography while clicking like lighting conditions, zoom, flash among others. Here we are providing you with some tips to take a good shot.Tips to excel at smartphone photography - Doorsanchar

  1. Know your camera

Your camera might be equipped with loads of functions which you are unaware of so look into its features before you start clicking. It may have advanced settings capable of making you a smart photographer. Learn to use the features it provides like focus, shutter speed, lighting and the like.

2. Find better light

Photography means drawing with light so in the absence of light photo can’t be created. In low light situations, while shooting indoors consider using artificial light. If the subject is facing toward a better light, you will get better output.

3. Don’t use flash

As far as possible don’t use flash. Using flash might do more harm. When you don’t have light at all,it might be of some help.

Tips to excel at smartphone photography - Doorsanchar

4.Compose your shot

Frame your subject carefully before taking a shot. Windows can be a great frame to add depth to your photo. Taking photo in the same angle that is putting the subject at the centre also makes a photo look dull so try different angles.

5.Never use zoom

Using zoom often can result in a photo with a poor quality. Better take the image and crop it later. If you want to get close, go closer to your subject on your own.

Tips to excel at smartphone photography - Doorsanchar

6.Get close to subject

If you are far away from your subject, you can’t get a detailed shot. By zooming or standing far from the subject you are cropping a photo before it is being taken.

  7. Apply editing

There are various apps available for editing purpose with which you can crop, add brightness and so on. Try those apps and make your photos look better.

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