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Predict your future with Jokhana

The best innovation to date associated with mobile is mobile applications. This innovation has outdone almost all other technologies. It has changes how we use our mobile phones at the same time created lots of opportunities for people from different background. People not only communicate through mobile apps but get their almost every work done through it. Mobile apps have …

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‘Trekking in Nepal’ to ease you trek

App provides information about accommodation, weather and emergency contact number Travel tech start-up Honeyguide has launched a mobile app Trekking in Nepal that features information on various Nepali trek destinations, cultures, landscapes. The features of this mobile application include ‘placards’, deviation and avalanche alerts’, ‘mountain finder’ and lodge information. Placard provides information on flora and fauna, birds, culture and various trek …

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Beam Messenger, shows what your friend is typing

Seeing girlfriend typing, deleting, editing and trying different signs to send a lovely message is really wonderful. The awesome thing is that you can see and repeatedly going to see how many times your girlfriend edits her message to you. A new mobile app called Beam Messenger lets you to see what another party is typing in reply to you. Toronto based Propulsion Lab developed and released app for android smart phone users shows both participants of a conversation what another is writing. Beam is the closest you will get to having a verbal conversation in a messaging app.

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