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Experience the best with Lenovo smartphones

Lenovo, maker of computers, laptops, 2-in-1 devices is also increasing its smartphone market. Lately only it had cut down prices on smart phones to make it more affordable. Now it has launched four new smart phones in the market. In fact, it began selling smartphones since 2014. The authorized distributor of Lenovo for Nepal has launched four new models Lenovo …

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Lenovo cuts down prices of smartphones

Life Com, authorized distributor of Lenovo smartphone in Nepal has slashed down prices of some of it smartphones. Keeping into consideration the competitive market, Lenovo has cut down the prices to make its smartphones more affordable. Lenovo has cut down prices of most preferred models A319W, A328W, A536W, and A5000. The new prices of these models have been fixed at …

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Want iPhone 6 but Couldn’t Afford? Go for Lenovo Sisley S90

The well-known Manufacturer of computers and Smartphones Lenovo Lenovo blatantly copies Apple iPhone 6 design in its latest model Sisley S90. The Smartphone is copied in such way that one could be mistaken it as iPhone 6

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