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Now suitcases going high-tech, comes with biometric lock, power bank, Bluetooth speakerphone

With the advancement of technology each and every aspect of daily life is becoming SMART now. First phones became smart then TV, Computers, Cameras, Bathrooms, Dresses and now suitcase also becoming smart with new technology.

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How to Stop your Battery Going Flat- 1O Secrets

Do you use Smartphones then the biggest problem you might be facing is low battery life. The Smartphone manufactures is also having the same problem as the technology is being advance day by it’s a challenge for them to give to give longer battery life in lower cost possible. Manufactures are trying their possible way to design hardware and software which consumes less energy.However the fact is all the battery losses 20 percent of battery life each year. Still if we become little careful then we can prevent the battery going drain. Here are the 10 secrets.

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