How to Stop your Battery Going Flat- 1O Secrets

Do you use Smartphones then the biggest problem you might be facing is low battery life? The Smartphone manufacturers are  also having the same problem as the technology  is being  advanced day by it’s a challenge for them to give to give longer battery  life  in lower cost possible. Manufacturers are trying their possible way to design  hardware and software which consumes less energy.

How to Stop your Battery Going Flat- 1O Secrets - Doorsanchar

However the fact is all the battery loses  20 percent of battery life each year. Still, if  we become little careful then we can prevent the battery going  drain. Here  are the 10 secrets.

1 Dim your Phone Screen

The brighter display consumes more energy  . So try to set to screen that  is comfortable enough to see, but not too much  brighter

2 Turn off the Bluetooth

Bluetooth connects with  other phones or devices. Turn it off, after works of Bluetooth is done because  it also consumes lots of battery energy.

3 Don’t  Leave Your Phone on  Sun

If you place your phone in sunlight   then your battery of smartphones drains faster. Always try to keep in cool place.

4 Turn Off Nonessential Notifications

Turning off superfluous notifications will help your battery last a little longer, and it will    eliminate pointless distractions throughout your day.

How to Stop your Battery Going Flat- 1O Secrets - Doorsanchar

5 Don’t Charge it at Night

If you keep on charging after  100 percent it will downgrade your battery life so never charge the phone and sleep.

6 Kill the Background Apps

Do not  let apps  run in the background you just kill them because they are running with consuming lots of battery energy.

7 Turn off Wifi When not in Use

If you keep turning on the Wifi  after its use then it won’t let your battery survive for long. Never forget to turn off the  battery  after  its use.

8 Try a Dark Wallpaper

Try using a phone wallpaper that’s a bit darker than your previous one and see if you’re able to get more battery life.

9 Go to  Airplane Mode

Airplane Mode is great when you’re low on battery and want to conserve whatever life you’ve got left. It’ll disable the Internet and call service on your phone, saving the energy for when you need to re-enable that and make that call.

10 Turn Down the Volume

Louder the sound higher the consumption of the battery. Always mute the keypad sound as well as-is vibration.

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