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downloadIVR, (interactive voice response), a telephony technology in which someone uses a touch-tone telephone to interact with a database to acquire information. IVR technology does not require human interaction over the telephone as the user’s interaction with the database is predetermined by what the IVR system will allow the user access to. The Telephone user activates IVR System by dialling in a pre-assigned number; the call is routed to the computer system, which plays pre-recorded voice menu to the user.

IVR technology was introduced to Nepal Telecom in 2004 for SLC Result Enquiry purchased from Alliance Info Tech India, with the unexpected huge popularity further expansion was urgently needed, in successive year under the contract with M/S Pulse Software & Consulting Inc., Canada addition of IVR system was done.

Nepal Telecom has implemented this flexibility of the IVR system in Automatic Telephone Complaint Handling Service (198) and Automatic Fault Retrieve and Down Handling Service (192), connecting to the existing SD database system by which a customer directly books his/her fault complains through IVR 198 service. These services give 24hours service.download (1)

NT has implemented PSTN Bill Enquiry Service (1606) using CLI Base (Calling Line identification) service through IVR connecting to CBS database system. By this service customer can find out details of Monthly Bill Amount and Pending Dues along with due date for payments. Recently introduced VOIP call Complain Service (188) so that customers can complain of telephone numbers giving illegal services to incoming International calls.

Ongoing services in IVR

SN Service Dial code Charge
1 SLC Result Enquiry 1600 1 pulse @ 10 sec
2 Class 11 and 12 Result Enquiry 1601 1 pulse @ 10 sec
3 SLC Supplementary Result Enquiry 1600 1 pulse @ 10 sec
4 TU Results 1602 1 pulse @ 10 sec
5 Telephone Fault Booking 198 Free
6 Lineman Fault Down 192 Free
7 PSTN Bill Enquiry 1606 Local charge
8 VOIP Call Complain 188 Free
9 GSM Mobile Enquiry 1498
10 GSM Prepaid Recharge, CDMA Skyphone Service Query 1415
11 GSM Namaste Moible Service Query 1414
12  Pay your GSM Postpaid, PSTN & ADSL Bills 1413

Beneficiary Group

For Telco Company

-Changed Number Announcement

-Automatic Payment Reminder System

-Automatic Telephone Complaint Handling System

-Automatic Fault Retrieve and Down Handling System

-Message Broadcasting Service

-Duplicate Bill by Fax / Email


For Government

-Taxation and Revenue

-PAN Number validity; Payment information

-Income tax information & Income tax status tracking; Payment and billing information



-Candidate details and place

-Request polling place address and centers

-Election results


For Banks

-Account Balance Inquiry



For Airlines

-Flight departure/arrival information

-Airline terminal

-Airport rules and regulations

-Airport information

-Frequent fliers


Anyone can take advantage

Event Based Polling

-Miss Nepal

-Nepali Tara etc


Informational Services:

-National and International News / Breaking News

-Weather Forecast

-Horoscope (daily/weekly horoscope)

-Sporting activities

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