Improved wireless charger

photo: IBNLIVE
photo: IBNLIVE

For people who frequently use their phones often encounter problem to charge their phones the same way. It is boring to sit beside the power socket and wait until it gets enough charge. But now, researchers have developed a wireless-power transfer (WPT) technology that can charge mobile phones or laptops from a distance. This WPT technology is being developed by the researchers at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) and works just as WiFi works for internet connections.

Researchers said, it allows mobile devices to be charged at any location and in any direction, even if the devices are away from the power source. With this technology, your device will automatically get charged without being tethered to a charger if you are in the designated area where the charging is available, like the Wi-Fi Power zone. Lead researcher Professor Chun T. Rim said,” The system can charge multiple devices simultaneously and in all directions up to half a meter away from the power source.”

The wireless chargers developed till now face the problem of short charging distance, mostly less than 10cm as well the charging conditions that both the devices should be kept in a fixed position. “Our transmitter system is safe for humans and compatible with other electronic devices. We have solved major issues of short charging distance and the dependence on charging directions,” Rim said.





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