Backup Twitpic Images Before The Service Shuts Down

Twitpic, a popular third-party photo-sharing service, is shutting down from September 25th, 2014 blaming the pressure of micro blogging site Twitter to abandon trademark application. The photo sharing application was launched in 2008, allowing users to upload pictures, videos and GIFs to share across the social web.


In a blog post, Founder Noah Everett explained Twitpic’s unexpected demise and the company doesn’t have the funds to face off against Twitter. So, the company decided to shut down instead. Twitpic has more than 8.8 million followers on Twitter, which puts it in 105th place for the most Twitter followers of any user.

How to Backup/Export images?

1. Login to Twitpic account via twitter application authorization.

2. Click “Settings” on top right corner.

3. Scroll down to “Export Your Photos”.


4. Click on “Request Your Data”.

Once your data is ready for download, you’ll see a “Download Now link” and you can download you images on zipped file. Depending upon your images count, it may take time of hours to even a day for backup.

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