Washing Machine @ NRS 3000

Venus Mini Washing Machine                                          Pic: CNN-IBN

If you are living in city with mid-range income with family or without the chill cold water of winter always makes you fearful about washing your clothes. Also hand washing  clothes is tiresome how much one say he/she loves it. It also adds shoulder and back pain and other skin disease for prolonged exposure to chemicals of soaps and detergents .The expensive washing machine is just a dream for the common man in Nepal. But wait! Very soon that dream is going to be a reality.

According to CNN-IBN the Venus bucket mounted mini washing machine which will cost just around 3000 NRS and will be available in the market  mid of 2015.  The mini washing machine is expected to be popular among the medium class family and the persons living alone away from the families in the cities. Vimbas Navarachans founder Piyush Agrawalla is the key person of the invention of this product.  According to the Agrawalla the limited number of production of the machine is already  done  for pilot testing and got the positive feedback.The machine is quite user friendly too, just fill the bucket with  water and clothes of 2.5 kg  mount the machine for five minutes. Another good news is that company is also producing the Venus washing machine which will run by 12 volt  Battery.

Technical Specifications

Voltage: 110/230 V

Power: 350 Watts

Weight: 2.1 Kgs (basic unit)

Capacity: 2.5 Kgs

Dimensions: 100x150x420mm(LxWxH)

Wash Cycle: 3 to 5 mins (approximately)

Contents: Basic unit, bucket clamps

Mini Portable Washing Machine Introduction

Demo of the Mini Portable Washing Machine

Writer : Abhinaya Ghimire

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