Stay connected 24/7 with ‘SMS 2 Email’ service

Stay connected 24/7 with 'SMS 2 Email' service - Ncell - DoorsancharTelecom operators claim to have expanded network all over the country but the fluctuating network creates problems in our attempt to stay connected 24/7. You may not be in 3G coverage area or 3G network might not be working when in need. When your 3G network makes it impossible to send an email right away to your colleagues or someone else ‘SMS 2 Email’ service of Ncell will be of your help.

This service conveys SMS as emails and the message is delivered to the receiver’s email address. You can also receive emails sent to your number as SMS. You can send your message from SMS-to-Email or vice versa.

How to activate?

You can activate ‘SMS 2 Email’ service through one of these three options:

          Dial 900 and follow the instructions

          Dial *100# and follow the instructions

          Type A and send SMS to 900223

How to deactivate?

Like activation, this service can be deactivated through three ways:

          Dial 900 and follow the instructions

          Dial *100# and follow the instructions

          Type R and send SMS to 900223


How to send SMS-to-Email?

It’s really cool to send email while you are away from internet connection using GSM mobile service. As a Ncell user, you can send and receive email on your mobile via SMS. To send an email via SMS you have to create a new message. Type the email address of the recipient followed by a space and your email content then Send the SMS to 9205

It’s like this

[email protected] <space> Hello, how are you? XXXXXXXXXXXX email content XXXXXXXXX

then send the message To 9205


How to send Email-to-SMS?

Go to your email and compose a new email. Then you have to type Ncell mobile number as an email address on as receiver’s address on ‘To’ line as [email protected]

It’s like this

<Your message>

Hello, how are you?

Send it to [email protected]

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