Smartphone gets higher assessment than sex from youths

A research conducted to find the attraction of youths between Smartphone and sex has revealed an amazing result as youths choosing virtual friend rather than physical pleasure.

A recent survey revealed that 20% are positive with sex and gave priority over Smartphone at the same time as 26% percent said they bestow precedence to the cell phone with smart features.
Youths using approximately five hours daily and using five apps at one time, the survey disclosed.
Smartphone gets higher assessment than sex from youths - Doorsanchar (photo:
The study also exposed that learning preference also changed due to the increasing access to technologies. They are happier with digital learning and have always been trying to avoid traditional methods of teaching at school or college.

Chris Kozup, senior director for Europe Middle East and Africa Marketing for Aruba Networks said that Smartphone playing a vital part in life and it is applied even for learning in university or college. Almost half percentage of responded said they like to use mobile while taking notes in lecture rather than writing in a notebook.

Easy access of Smartphone and development of various mobile applications is helping youths very much for entertainment, learning, leisure and knowledge, thus the youths are having an attachment with a digital device.

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