Selfie Stick, no new invention

First selfie photo taken in UK using a selfie stick

Selfie stick, popular smartphone accessory for this year 2014. Media and tech analysts enlisted it on their most revolutionary inventions of the year. Of course, for the smartphone owner people it is a must have accessory in this year.
But, a photo surprisingly appeared on internet and media shows that the Selfie Stick, no new invention. Before it ‘selfie stick’ was supposed entirely new invention in 2014. A photo taken by a couple in 1926 shows that Arnold and Helen Hogg to take photo of themselves in Rugby, Warwickshire United Kingdom using same stick same as now popular ‘selfie stick’. Arnold was an entertainer and musician of his time.

First_Selfie_Photo and Stick
The couple annotated ‘Self Taken, Oct 1926’ on the photograph. The photo presents clear evidence people were using selfie sticks to capture own photos from other’s perspective. The photographic phenomenon was made popular by the celebrities this year. There are varieties of Selfie Sticks available in market with price range of 35 to 85 Dollars.
Daily Mail has published the two inches wide photo in which the selfie stick is clearly visible with quoting Alan Cleaver grandson of the couple.

Photos from the Daily Mail

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