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With Google’s Cloud Print app, its time to enjoy over-the-air printing which is making it more easier for printing tasks.  With the app, you can send a print job to your printer at home or office with internet connection and connected to google account even when you’re at a friend’s house or elsewhere.

Google Cloud Print, which doesn’t only work with Android but also with any device running Chrome, including iOS and any desktop or laptop can integrate with the mobile versions of Gmail and Google Docs, allowing users to print from their hand held devices.

google cloud print

For this users need to have Cloud Print (Play Store Link) on android device. Then check if your printer is compatible with Cloud Print by visiting the Cloud Print site and add the printer. The setup process varies for different manufacturers. There must be google chrome installed on the computer where you’ll need to enable the Google Cloud Print connector. This can be done by signing it to google account with the same with android device. 

Then go to Chrome toolbar menu -> Settings -> Show advanced settings and scroll down to “Google Cloud Print” section and click Manage.  In the “Classic printers” section, click Add printers and manage your printer. Now you are all done connecting printer with your Google Account which makes it connected to Google Cloud Print. You can print to this printer using Google Cloud Print whenever you’re signed in with the same Google Account.

For printing task, open the Cloud Print BETA application on your android device and sign in to your Google account. Then just  browse file to print and enjoy! Currently, the supported formats for printing are: pdf, jpg, jpeg, docx, ods, xls, xlsx, ppt, odp, txt, doc & xps. If firefox is your default android browser, you can use Cloud Printer addon.

Documents printed via Google Cloud Print are sent to Google’s servers for transmission to the printer and then deleted automatically as soon as the printing job is finished.

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