Prevent your smartphone from going to sleep


This tip will show you how you can prevent your smartphone or tablet Android touch to pause.

It can be quite annoying to have a smartphone or a tablet goes to sleep when viewing an email or when you read a newspaper article.

Fortunately, there are applications such as KeepScreen. Offered free of charge, it will disable the automatic sleep for some applications.

After downloaded from the Google Play store and loaded, it is sufficient to choose the applications for which you wish to disable auto sleep by tapping on “Applications” and activate the lock function by tapping “start / service “ .

Keep Screen (1)


Writer : Abhinaya Ghimire

Abhinaya Ghimire is a tech savvy person who loves keeping information about ICT and media. Graduated from Kathmandu University in Bachelor of Media Stuides, he is equally involved in making short films, documentaries and also has his own photo blog

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