Ncell Brings Data Campaign for Non-Package Users

Good news for Ncell subscribers who don’t prefer data packages. The new campaign can allow users to surf internet with less than 1 Rs per MB. Service named “SuperNet” seems to be the cheapest internet in which the data charge decreases with increase in the usage per month.


The internet charge declines from very first MB usage and keeps on getting down till it reaches Re 1 per MB. The usual data rate per MB is fixed Rs 6 which drops to Rs 5 after using first MB and so on till it reaches single penny per MB. The consumption rate should be more for getting cheapest rate which is categorised to 7 groups.

Group Usage SuperNet charge / MB
A 0 MB to 1 MB Rs 6
B 1 MB to 2 MB Rs 5
C 2 MB to 3 MB Rs 4
D 3 MB to 20 MB Rs 3
E 20 MB to 100 MB Rs 2
F 100 MB to 200 MB Rs 1.5
G More than 200 MB Re 1

How to activate?

Ncell subscribers need to dial  *17103# to activate this service without any charge and has validity of 1 month. After the date, the service is auto renewed with usual charge and needs increase in usage for decreased cost.

The service can be deactivated by dialing *17103# and also real time data volume used info can be obtained by selecting 3 for query.

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