Now more accurate location for FB friend

Now, your friend can know exactly from where you are sending FB messages to him/her. Before Facebook Messenger of your phone used to send nearby locations, if you was on conversations with your friend from Thamel, at that time Messenger on your friend’s mobile has showed Kathmandu as your location. But after a new Chrome extension developed, your friend will see you are in Thamel during your conversation not only that s/he would know which message send was from where with exact location point.
Thanks to South Asian origin researcher, Aran Khanna, student developer in Cambridge, Massachusetts for his creepy Google chrome extension which enables FB users to know the exact location of another party (friend) in Facebook. And now it is available to install. The Chrome extension ‘Marauder’s Map’ grabs data from Facebook Messenger and lets both parties (Facebook user) points FB friend’s location on a map. The extension tracks the location of those who are using Facebook Messenger without disabling its access to their smartphone’s GPS location information.
The location data provided by the extension is more accurate than others available these days. New extension can pinpoint Messenger user locations to about a meter and can search old messages to create a map of the user’s travels during the past days Bill Snyder writes on his blog.

Those who do not want to share their location details to other users they can disable location service by changing the setting of their phone or disabling Messenger’s location access or together.

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