Internet should be ‘Human Right’ says Tim Berners-Lee

Internet became fundamental need at this time, for all aged people over the world. Everyone is googling to quench his thirst of knowledge and information which is available on it. But, growing commercialization and government censorship as well as surveillance in the novel scientific development created huge anxiety among freedom activates and scientists who were/are involved making internet common.
Internet is the cause which made the world globalized with connecting in various ways in today’s manner. It is providing ground to those all people from least developed and developing from where they can access information as well as knowledge in real-time. There are many nations creating obstacle for their people to get access on the novel thing from where they can erase gap between haves and have not. In this scenario Tim Berners-Lee, who is considered as father of internet, scientist credited to inventing the World Wide Web says it must be recognized as a human right. Lee said this is the time to recognize the Internet as a basic human right. According to News Agency AP, Tim said, “that means guaranteeing affordable access for all, ensuring Internet packets are delivered without commercial or political discrimination, and protecting the privacy and freedom of Web users regardless of where they live.”
According to Web Index in 84% of the countries do not have legal framework to protect privacy and freedom of internet communication. And half of the web users living those countries where governments are blocking internet content moderate or extreme degree. Index said, there are almost 4.4 billon people who still have no access to the internet.

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