How to be successful in Facebook -Infographic

How to be successful in Facebook -InfographicFacebook has more than 1.35 billion monthly active users and millions logging in daily. These users can now upload photos, have group discussions, and even play games on their individual profiles; they can also add one another as friends and connect with users who share sim­ilar interests, regardless of where they are in the world.

 Nowadays, more businesses and corporate folks are joining Facebook too, adding their pages to the Facebook network. Advertisers are even turning their attention to this growing market for good reason—there is strength in numbersIt is one of the most popular social networks for businesses to connect with consumers, Are you Facebook and its massive audience to grow your business?

Your Facebook Page makes your business:

  • Discoverable: When people search for you on Facebook, they’ll be able to find you.
  • Connected: Have one-on-one conversations with your customers, who can like your Page, read your posts and share them with friends, and check in when they visit.
  • Timely: Your Page can help you reach large groups of people frequently, with messages tailored to their needs and interests.
  • Insightful: Analytics on your Page will give you a deeper understanding of your customers and your marketing activities.

Take a look at this infographic from volusion for tips and strategies on improving engagement and encouraging conversation.

Some key

Vary: Change up the types of posts you share, post industry trends and vary cover photos to reflect the seasons.

Encourage: Keep the conversation going and draw out audience engagement by responding to comments and liking any positive responses.

Experiment: Try sharing statuses at different times of the day or week to see what produces greater engagement. Change up the type of status whether information, video, picture or a link.

Promote: Promote your profile throughout other social media sites, your email lists and even your own website/blog.

How to be successful in Facebook -Infographic

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