Gift talk time and data packs to your loved ones

Gift talk time and data packs to your loved ones - DoorsancharEveryone loves to receive a gift. To receive a gift from someone, you should also give away presents to someone. It is a two-way street process. As we get excited to receive one so are others to get one. Rather than receiving, giving presents is a generous activity. It is also a gesture of love and affection. We all have received and gave flowers, chocolates, mobile phones and other valuable assets as a gift. Let’s discard all these conventional gifts and embrace something creative gift ideas. At a time when the internet has become an engine of communication and economic growth, why not contribute to it facilitating communication of friends. What about giving data packs as gifts? Is that possible? Yes, it is.

Ncell has a service called ‘Ncell Kosheli’ through which you can send different Ncell packs and services as gifts to your loved ones. You can send Ncell data packs and talk time as gifts. And those who receive it can use it to make calls and surf the internet. You can gift the talk time and data pack to different numbers as many times as they want. But one number can receive talk time gift for a maximum of 20 times in a day, and data gifts for a maximum of 20 times in 2 days. At present below mentioned services can be sent as gifts.

Ncell Kosheli Services Price (Rs.) Validity
18 MB data pack 12 1 day
50 MB data pack 35 7 days
20 minutes talk time 39.8 Unlimited
10 minutes talk time 19.9 Unlimited


How to send the gift?Gift talk time and data packs to your loved ones - Doorsanchar

You can send gifts either by IVR, USSD or SMS. Type the mobile number of whom you want to gift a service followed by a space and the Gift code, and send an SMS to 17111. The gift code for 18 MB data pack is 18MB, 50 MB data pack is 50MB, 20 mins talk time is 20M ad 10 mins talk time is 10M. This service is available to Ncell  prepaid customers only.

Channel Method
IVR Dial 17111 and follow instructions provided
USSD Dial *17111# and follow instructions provided
SMS Type <Phone number of recipient><space><Gift code> and send SMS to 17111. (For example: 98XXXXXXXX 50MB)

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