Draft of emergency telecommunication Continuity Plan prepared


download (1)Nepal is at high risk of natural disasters, keeping it into consideration, NTA has made draft of Emergency Telecommunication Continuity Plan (NETCP )public. Draft of National Emergency Telecommunications Continuity Plan (NETCP) is produced in view to set up disaster resilient society and make continuous supply of telecommunication services during disaster time and also to save lives and property by providing continuous communications during disasters.

National Emergency Telecommunications Continuity Plan (NETCP) has been produced to be executed in basically three stages to be specific Prevention and Preparedness, Response and recovery. NETCP is supposed to help mainly the telecommunication operators in preparing their business continuity plan to mitigate the impact of natural disasters. For effectiveness of NETCP, Operational Plan has been prepared to regulate the activities of Network/Telecommunications Operators (NTO) in disaster and emergency management.

A comprehensive national emergency telecommunications plan had already been drafted in 2013. Following earthquake, measuring 7.8 magnitude on April 25 2015, a ‘Nepal Emergency Telecom Continuity Management System (NETCOMS)’ has been prepared for Nepal with the assistance of International Telecommunication Union (ITU).

NETCP has an objective to prepare a robust and responsive national emergency alerting and activation system to respond to disaster. A common channel for communication shall be established to be used within security agencies i.e. Nepal Army, Nepal Police and Armed Police Force. National frequency spectrum plan shall be prepared for emergency telecommunication.

NTA and Network Operators shall develop NETCP client/server mobile application that will utilize different communication channels and guarantee its operation. For importing Emergency Telecom equipments to be used by national or international humanitarian agencies during emergency response phases, a fast track procedure should be arranged and enacted from TIA and other border entry points. NETCP has the provision of making telecommunications operators responsible in planning, establishing, implementing, operating and continually improving the Emergency telecommunication networks and equipments.

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