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10 Essential Elements for the Perfect Project Plan

10 essentials in your project plan to prevent nasty surprises

10 essentials in your project plan to prevent nasty surprises, hit your targets and keep your project running smoothly from day 1 to successful completion.

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How to permanently delete your Facebook account?


The charm of Facebook may not be as strong as it used to be when you were new to this social networking giant. You must have had enough of it and seeking for some other alternative. One of the alternatives could be never returning back to it. We all know about how to deactivate a Facebook account. Deactivating your account can …

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How to enable 4G service in NT SIM?


Marking the beginning of New Year 2017, Nepal Telecom launched the much-awaited 4G service for the first time in the country. Amidst a special program, Minister for Information and Communication unveiled NT 4G logo. Now, customers can enjoy high-quality 4G data service. To subscribe NT 4G service, NT customers require universal post-paid SIM and 4G compatible handsets. If you don’t …

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How to save Instagram photos without taking a screenshot


Recently only Instagram introduced a feature which will notify your friend if you take a screenshot of their direct messages. The notifications feature applies to app’s latest update of disappearing messages. Instagram users must have been panicking. We have good news for those paranoid Instagram users. You can actually save Instagram posts without taking screenshots. Here are the steps you …

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Five security tips to keep your twitter account safe


Twitter hacks have become a normal phenomenon these days. Series of twitter hacks have been reported of various prominent people. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, Twitter Co-founder and former CEO Evan Williams’s  twitter account have been hacked in the past. The latest one in the series of hacks is of Rahul Gandhi. With increased use of internet …

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Four ways to get over Connection Problem Or Invalid MMI Code on Android


If you are  android phone users you must be familiar with ‘connection problem or invalid MMI code’ problem. This problem is nerve-wracking one, particularly when you try to call somebody in difficult situations. We all have got through this problem while inquiring about balance, recharging mobile and calling somebody. The problem is very common but, do you know how to get …

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Basic security tips to protect your Windows


There are several tips to secure a computer. You must have tried every advanced measure to keep your personal data safe but might have ignored basic things which are of utmost importance. So in this article, we remind of those simple tips that will help you boost the security system of your device.   Protect network with VPN connection To …

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14 Tips to help you create strong password


We all are familiar with the notification box ‘ use strong password’. We are advised to use strong passwords because it is a gateway to all our sensitive information. Nobody wants to put their information at risk. But it is a tricky task to make strong passwords for multiple accounts and remember it at the same time. So we have …

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How to activate internet service on CDMA mobile?

NT logo

Doorsanchar has already written posts on data packages available by Nepal Telecom andsteps to activate data service on GSM mobile. Herein we are providing you instructions on CDMA internet settings. How to configure internet settings on CDMA mobile? Go to internet settings of your handset and insert ‘ntcdma’ in the username and password section. And add ‘#777’ as the APN …

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Download ‘Vault-hide SMS’ to keep your text messages secret


We all have friends with whom we share our mobile phones. While sharing our phones we are also putting our privacy at stake. While looking through your mobile phone, your friend might be reading your messages and secret conversation. If you are thinking of a way out to hide your text messages, this ‘Vault-hide SMS’ app is the perfect option …

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Want to watch age restricted videos without logging into your account? Here are the tricks


We are all aware of the fact that some videos on YouTube require us to sign into Gmail account to continue watching.  Even by signing into your account if your age limit on Gmail does not meet the requirements of age restricted videos you are barred from watching it. In such situation, even your Gmail account can’t help you. So …

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How to unlock forgotten pattern and password on Android?


Every one of us creates pattern and password to stop others from snooping our mobile phone. Patterns and password keep phone secure and stop the misuse of the phone data if you accidentally lose your phone. Though meant to be secure it might be one of the frustrating things if you forget your set pattern. Though it is a rare …

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3 easy steps to free up space in Gmail


Are you creating a new Gmail account because your previous account’s total space got consumed? Wait, you still can use your old account freeing up some space in it. Gmail has a storage limit of 15 GB. If you are you close to reaching that limit its time you take some measures to organize your mail. Here are three simple …

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How to send secret messages on Facebook?


Messenger is the most popular and ubiquitous messaging app. Facebook is making it richer with more features to help its users make most out of it. It has so much to offer to you. You can chat, make a video call, snap photos and shoot videos, chat with your groups, record voice messages and choose a thousand stickers. You can …

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How to watch Facebook videos on TV?


Do you want to watch Facebook videos on bigger screen laying back comfortably on the couch? Bearing in mind the comfort of its users, Facebook has made this luxury available to its users. It has explored more ways to let users stream videos to TV. Chromecast and iOS users can stream Facebook video to TV through Apple TV, Google Chromecast, …

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Having problems finding PIN, PUK code of NT GSM SIM?


Accidentally, when your SIM card is locked it asks for the PIN code. Whenever you play around with security features of SIM card, it asks for PIN, PUK and security code. It’s better you avoid doing that. The pin number is always same i.e 1234 in all NT GSM Postpaid and Prepaid SIMs. Many users reset PIN code on their …

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Stay connected 24/7 with ‘SMS 2 Email’ service


Telecom operators claim to have expanded network all over the country but the fluctuating network creates problems in our attempt to stay connected 24/7. You may not be in 3G coverage area or 3G network might not be working when in need. When your 3G network makes it impossible to send an email right away to your colleagues or someone …

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How to increase twitter followers?


Most of you might find twitter very dull. Twitter becomes interesting if only you are popular in it, if you have plenty of followers. When you don’t have anyone to like or read your tweets it indeed becomes boring. Many of you must have tried following thousands of people in the hope of getting follow back. You must have tried …

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