Three Must-have Nokia Gadgets

The importance of gadgets cannot be ignored at any cost. The efficient and convenient role they play in doing tasks is beyond commendable. Gadgets, for decades have been making people their loyal users. Some people around the world still use Polaroid cameras, typewriters and vintage telephones.  This merely shows the impact they leave on person’s life.

Certain online marketplaces like Kaymu Nepal houses huge number of gadgets that enable you to carry on with our everyday tasks but with much more convenience. Almost all the electronic companies have their own list of accessories and gadgets that make you use them at least once. Nokia too, has launched very geeky and useful gadgets seeing their practical use. Following are some of the accessories that are absolutely must-have.

Microsoft Lumia Screen Sharing Device

Lumia, as known by many users, is an absolute treat for smartphone lovers. Now, Nokia has launched a screen sharing device that is fundamentally for Lumia mobiles. Lumia 830, Lumia 730, Lumia 640 XL to be precise, but it can be used for CERTIFIED Miracast™ phones or tablets as well. Using this gadget, one can connect the mobile screen to the big TV screen in the room and enjoy. Not only videos, use any app, play a game and watch a presentation in the most comfortable fashion.


Wireless Charging Plate

People have jeered for long, whenever their battery all of sudden dries up. Nokia Wireless Charging Plate offers a new era to those who are always on-the-go. This gadget, which connects with laptop, tab etc. charges up the mobile phone without plugging in. Merely keeping the phone on the plate will charge it up.


People who have these phones in particular are encouraged to use these gadget as it increases the charging rate: Lumia 830, Lumia 925 and Lumia 1520. Look for this gadget and many others at

Portable Wireless Speakers

Who can live without music today? A connection to the music world is indispensable. But it is impossible to carry around the large audio system you’ve installed in your home. Nor does every time you get the liberty of sitting in a car. So, you need a device that is always with you and gives you the best sound quality. Nokia Wireless Bluetooth Speakers are there to the rescue. These little lads have a powerful bass with a soothing audio quality. Plus, the color schemes are totally tempting.


If you feel like that your life is complete without such accessories, you’re totally mistaken. Try them out and reshape your tech-savvy life experience.

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