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Google has announced a group called ‘Indian Language Internet Alliance’ committed to promote Indian language in Internet.The search engine giant is expecting to engage more than 300 million Indian language speakers in the internet by this initiation. Google has earlier demonstrated voice search in Hindi, Google Hindi input and lunched for to discover Hindi content online.

According to Google, there are over 200 million internet users in India, about 16% of its population of 1.2 billion. Google India said, ‘the Company is very committed to bringing new internet users online in India. The web holds great potential to empower many Indians economically and socially, and thanks to the smartphone revolution, many millions of Indians will be coming online for the first time in the next few years. Through the Indian Language Internet Alliance, Google want to help content creators to act now and build relevant content for these new Indian language mobile users’.

Google India says it has lunched this group to ensure the world’s information is universally accessible, and this includes the millions of users in India who are about to come online for the first time. Hindi Voice Search will be just one of the many steps Google is taking to empower the Indian language users and advertisers to take advantage of the web’s huge economic and social potential. It is still unknown  that  which   are the language  to be included  in the  mission.

Apart from the Google, the group includes Times Internet, C-Dac, Reverie Language Technologies, LinguaNext Technologies, DB Digital, and Amar Ujala Publications among others.

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