Facebook Introduces ‘say thanks’ Video Creation Tools

Facebook  Introduces ‘say thanks’ Video Creation Tools - Doorsanchar

Facebook has introduced a new tool ‘ say thanks’ that lets  quickly put together personalized video  using a combination of pre-built themes and your own posts and photos. It also allows users to make shareable, customised videos to post on their friend’s timelines.

 To create the video, visit facebook.com/thanks, select a friend for Facebook to generate a preview of the video.Select a friend, choose a theme, and pick out posts and photos that represent your friendship you just created a personalized thank you video for your friend or that special one

Facebook will be a video sharing sites in five years : CEO Mark Zukenberg

You will have the ability to select a different theme and edit photos and posts that represent your friendship,” explained a blog post by Facebook.

Users also have an option of adding a personalised message before posting it to their own timeline, and tagging their friend.

Facebook had done similar initiative with “A Look Back” video in February that featured photos, status updates and life events of a user.The service is available on desktop and mobile in English, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Turkish.

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