American Gamer Sets World Record Playing on Mount Everest


William Cruz a American nationals set the new world record after playing a video game in Mount  Everest. The 23 old played  the ‘Far Cry 4’- the latest version of the first person shooter, adventure series set in the Himalayan region.

The FoxNews reported that the  MR. William  got this opportunity  as the winner  of the “Quest for Everest’: The Gaming Journey  of a Lifetime”, organized by Ubsoft. William was just interested in hiking but not traveller. He had never been outside the US.

“As we gained altitude, walking became harder and harder, sleeping became harder and you even had to drink a lot more water. You almost always feel like you just finished running 3 miles, all the time,” William shared his  experience to FoxNews . “I remember after surpassing 15,000 feet. I had to wake up multiple times in the night and focus on breathing to relieve minor headaches

Getting all the equipment needed to get the game working and set the record at 18,000 feet required 15 men and five yaks, and then an 8-hour wait in 25 mph winds so the sun would set, making it possible to see the screen.

William played for about 90 minutes, although he kept dying in the game, so distracted was he by the jaw-dropping views as the sun set in the distance. While it may not have been his best gaming session, by playing he secured the “Guinness World Record for Highest Altitude Videogame Console Session” at a recorded elevation of 18,569 feet.

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