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8 incredible things you didn’t know your iPhone could do

Well, iPhone dominates our list of favourite gadgets. But though you may be carrying your favourite phone it may hold many surprises that are yet to be revealed. Surprise, the word itself is enough to hold your attention right? So be ready to know the surprises that are in store for you. We are here to help you uncover those …

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5 Things you may not know what iPhone could do

iPhone, most prestigious smart phone of the time. Most of you own the phone from American maker Apple. Steve Jobs has chosen 'this changes everything' as a slogan for Apple's smartphone and really the product changes everything phone market, use as well as life of individuals. Now people are expecting more and more features on their iPhone in every new version. In another part most of the users doesn't what and how iPhone works faster, unique and in different way. There are lots of unique settings and features probably most of its owner are not using or do not know about.

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