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Now you can undo emails from Gmail

Gmail has finally added the feature that enables you to undo send the email within 30 seconds of maximum time.

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7 free email service most of us use

E-mail, simply this word changed our world. It's not simply a replacement of traditional mail system for us now, email id opened lots of opportunity for individual to get access on the various services in internet. E-mail has become identity of people as the citizens are converting as netizens. With lots of possibilities of business companies started offering free email service and these days we have lot of options for its use, a decade before everyone has to pay for this service. At the stage one can get unlimited storage, accesses in different services and web publishing service; payment as well as online transaction are taking place using email. With such extended service beyond sending or receiving message free email services are efficient, more secured, productive and portable (with mobile devices). Here we enlisted 7 free email services popularly used around the globe

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