5 Nepali youtube channel make you foodie


TV channels and shows presenting mouth-watering food recipes which are our all time favorites. On a small screen, Youtube foodie channels are now replacing that TV food & dine shows. You need not wait for specific time and watch those recipes whenever you like which is its  distinctive feature. When you can make your own and teach  others why depend solely …

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Cyber security tips for bloggers


Blogging is getting popular day by day. It is a great way to earn money sharing your thoughts. People choose it either as a pastime or career. It is getting even more popular as social media has been the best medium to drive traffic. It has indeed become a huge part of the online world. And the online world doesn’t …

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Youtube launches home page for Nepal


The world’s largest video blogging website Youtube has launched its Nepali version for Nepalese users. From last Tuesday it has started the service by providing a separate homepage where mostly viewed videos in Nepal are listed as #PopularinYoutubeNepal.

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Government gives a damn about its hacked website


Its not a new story that many government websites are helplessly outdated and this incident is just another example how tech naive are becoming authorities.

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Nepal government’s website hacked


they have warned major political leaders Puspa Kamal Dahal, Baburam Bhattrai, Hishila Yami and Sujata Koirala if they do not stop the strikes their bank details will be made public soon.

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New Classified website for Nepal

admandu classified website in Nepal

Nepalese shopping and buy-sell activities are gradually became online these days, although there is no reliable online payment system in comparison to neighbouring countries. With growing netizen online shopping as well as classified services are entering on the browser with lots of offers and features to you.

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What is ? (video)

Internet.org_Logo was a further step in the direction of Facebook's past initiatives, such as Facebook Zero, to improve Internet access for people around the world

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5 stores to shop online in Nepal

01 Online Shopping in Nepal 5 best online shopping sites in Nepal ClothesNepal

Shopping in Nepal never been hassle free, congested roads, unmanaged traffic and insufficient parking in major shopping hubs in Kathmandu creates trouble for shopping lovers. Although Durbarmarg, Patan and others areas are seems friendly but traffic and parking is always a problem. Narrow lanes in Thamel, Asan, Makhan, Indrachok, Basantapur, Ranjana Galli sucks shopper before stores.

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Anonymous attack on Swedish servers in revenge of Pirate Bay seizure


In retaliation for the closure of The Pirate Bay, Anonymous attacks are increased on Swedish government servers.

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5 websites must visit before planning Australia

5 websites you must visit before planning Australai

Peaceful, multicultural and with booming economy with lots of employment opportunities Australia attracts people from the rest of the globe. For those who want to widen their horizon in terms of career, knowledge and personal finance Australia becomes a prime destination for study abroad at this time. Lots of youngster as well as mature professional choose Australian universities and educational service providers for their further study. There are couples of reasons behind this, major are Australian education leads them toward better future, international opportunities and opportunity to live, work in Australia after completion of their study (after proving qualification to PR), Australian universities are cheaper in comparison with UK, USA and this English speaking country is welcoming international people with flexible visa procedure.

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There is lots of Pirate Bay now

The Pirate Bay Search IsoHUNT

It's not a week The Pirate Bay went down after a raid by Swedish Police. There are no sign for The Pirate Bay's comeback but several Pirate Bay came into existence after the raid with copies of popular copyrighted material. The torrent community is shocked as well as shaken up by the raid on Pirate Bay servers in Sweden.

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Google to Introduce Child Friendly, Youtube and Gmail


Google is planning to roll out child friendly version of its product. According to the USA Today, Google will soon announce Youtube and Gmail for children below 13 years, expected to be ‘safe and fun’ for kids.

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Refer a Friend to Google Wallet and Get $5


Google wants to make their payment service a little more trustworthy. In a possible move to try and capture the money transfer market, Google is now promoting the Google Wallet in a refer-a-friend scheme. You and a friend can each get $5 when you introduce them to Google Wallet. Simply send money (even a penny works) to a friend of …

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Russia to Launch Own Electronic Encyclopedia to Counter ‘Wikipedia’


Yeltsin Presidential Library is launching its own encyclopedia to provide more reliable information than the U.S.based, as they say untrustworthy Wikipedia.

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Microsoft Partners with Dropbox for File Sharing

drop box

Microsoft and file sharing company drop box teaming up to more closely integrate drop box to office package.

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Mumbai Tops the Internet Users in India


A study has shown that the Bollywood city Mumbai has the highest number of internet users in India. The country has 342 million web surfers among them 16.4 million dwells in the Mumbai. The Internet users grew roughly by 4 million in comparison to 2013. Last year there were only about 12 million Internet users.

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Social Network pays you for activity

01 Bubblews social network that pays you for your status and activity

Social Network, the 21st century phenomenon twisted people and their activity in front of a digital screen. Everybody is social now! with an account on Facebook/Twitter or others and sharing what they doing and thinking. This creates huge content on web and social networks generating huge profit with these which you produce for then in free. All of the popular social networks has 'Share' button for you to share your content (status, photos, videos) and none of them giving you 'share' on profit they are making using your content. World's largest social network Facebook slogans 'It's free and always will be' for sign up, means Facebook is offering you free access on their network. Here you never think in return you are giving Facebook precious contents without any cost and they are making billions of dollars with your content.

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4 sites for games download to PC

02 Free PC Games for Download Play Free Games

Are you a game lover? Love to play games on your PC (personal computer) or Laptop but do not want to pay for download? Actually, it's very hard to find such website that gives you chance to download games free. Often the website slogans for free download but they give you only evaluation version or ask to pay for premium. It's very horrific experience during playing game on your PC winning various steps and finally the software asks you to pay for advance level.

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