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Five best android phones of 2016


2017 is here which means it’s time you look back at 2016. There were several smartphones launched in 2016 offering various features that could fit in every kind of budget. In 2016 android smartphone market went camera crazy. There were many phones launched that entirely focused only on selfie camera. Many of them even succeeded to grab our attention while …

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Four Nokia phones expected to be released in 2017


It has already been confirmed that Nokia is making a comeback in 2017. Nokia, which was once a family name is indeed worth waiting for.  The mobile brand Nokia is still very close to our hearts because of the best phones it delivered during its heydeys. Nokia brand phones are ranked in the best-selling phones of all time. This time …

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So-called ‘safer’ Note 7 replacement catches fire for the third time


The third replacement of Samsung Galaxy Note 7,  since the first Note 7 explosion has caught fire for the third time in Kentucky. The phone was owned by Michael Klering. He was sent to the hospital after suffering from smoke inhalation injuries. This is reported to be third Note 7 explosion  in less than a week. Few days ago Southwest …

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M3 Note and M3s hit nepali market


Meizu Technology has launched two smartphones M3 Note and M3s  with an elegant look here in Nepali market. Meizu is an established mobile brand in Hong Kong, Israel, Russia and Ukraine. Both phones have a metal body, high capacity battery, and high-resolution camera. These smartphones have been referred as ‘quality for young’. The metal unibody design makes M3 Note not …

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Smart Deals on Colors Mobile


Colors Mobile Nepal has announced heavy price drop alongside a free 10,000mAh Power Bank on some of its best smartphones this year to celebrate the start of the festival this year. Colors Elite E15, Elite E20 and Colors k3, are the which in which discount will be available with a great deal, for a limited period of time. This price …

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10 smartphones under Rs 10,000


There was a time buying smartphone used to be out of your pocket size. Over the past few years, things have changed significantly increasing everyone’s reach to smartphones.  Even at an affordable price, there are smartphones available with good quality specifications. Here we bring some of them: Samsung Galaxy J1 Samsung Galaxy J1 is 2G and 3G enabled smartphone that supports dual …

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Improved wireless charger

photo: IBNLIVE

For people who frequently use their phones often encounter problem to charge their phones the same way. It is boring to sit beside the power socket and wait until it gets enough charge.

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All you need to know about Android M


Android M is bringing some much-needed stability and usability improvements, which might not be as immediately exciting, but may prove to be strong long-term additions

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Samsung is exploiting Child Labor in China


China Labor Watch (CLW) has announced that it has collected additional evidence to support the allegations that child workers and student workers from the Chengdu Urban Construction Vocational School in Sichuan Province were employed at Samsung supplier factory HEG Technology this year under exploitative working conditions.

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Smartphones Past Present and Future- Infographic

panasonic_p81_pr (1)

A smartphone is essentially a mobile device that offers advanced PC-like capabilities, taking the device beyond that of one that can solely take phone calls and send SMS messages. Most modern devices will also feature a touchscreen, giving the user a lot more control over the features of the phone. Most of us possess the smartphone. But very few know …

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How the Smart Phones controlling our lives (Info-graphic)

In many occasion we can say Smart Phones are have proved themselves as blessing to the human civilization however like every other they also have other side which is making us more salve to technology. World most truted research agency Nielsen has done intensive research on how Smartphones impacted our lives.

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Connect Sky Pro Internet?

11 How to install SkyPro on your computer.....install CDMA EVDO device on your computer.....Nepal Telecom Wireless Broadband IP CDMA

EVDO service which supports both voice and data service is compatible for smartphones, tablet computers, laptops and desktop via various devices like USB EVDO modem, PCMCIA EVDO modem, EVDO mobile with speed of 3 Mbps. NT is currently distributing RUIM card bundled USB dongle through its sale center throughout the country.

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