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Eight craziest things people have done to get iPhone


Everyone wants to possess iPhone. The craze for the iPhone is endless. It is one of the most desired phones among smartphone lovers. The craze for it is so excess that many times people have crossed all the limits in order to get their hands on iPhone. Some have sold their internal organs and some have dared to sell their …

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Apple might ditch charging cable and home button in its next launch


After taking a huge risk of introducing iPhone 7 with wireless Bluetooth headphones, Apple is adopting another wireless technology in its next launch. It is rumoured that iPhone 8 expected to be released next year will get wireless charging.  Apple is preparing to ditch cable charging in its upcoming launch. The next iPhone launch will mark the 10th anniversary of …

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8 incredible things you didn’t know your iPhone could do


Well, iPhone dominates our list of favourite gadgets. But though you may be carrying your favourite phone it may hold many surprises that are yet to be revealed. Surprise, the word itself is enough to hold your attention right? So be ready to know the surprises that are in store for you. We are here to help you uncover those …

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Convert Images to Documents on Your iPhone

Convert Images to Documents on Your iPhone - Doorsanchar

Do you remember the last time you wrote something on paper with an actual pen? Neither do we. Writing is replaced by typing and paper is replaced by computers or smartphones. Likewise, taking notes has evolved even more. It’s enough to snap a photo with your camera and there you go – all important information saved easily and quickly on …

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Which is faster : iOS 9 or iOS 10?


iOS 10 is here and when the new upgrade is available we want it to be better in every way. We want the latest version to be better than the previous one. So is the iOS 10 better than the iOS 9, you all must have been wondering about it. iOS 10 has the biggest changes in comparison to iOS …

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Best android alternatives to new iPhone


Is the new iPhone too costly for you? Do you want smartphones that promise to offer same features on par with iPhone 7? Do you want smartphones that suit your budget and needs? If yes, here are some good substitutes to new iPhone. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Though the news is pouring in about Samsung recalling its Note 7 over …

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iphone history in brief


Since the launch of the first iPhone to date, iPhone has been all time favourite. Over the past nine years, it has rose to the peak of the success and it still leads the smartphone market. Every new launch creates buzz around. With every launch, it has been thriving and innovating. Lets take a short look how it has evolved over …

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Best android and iPhone apps of 2016

download (1)

It is the age of information and technology. You can find plenty of apps in app store. If you are in dilemma which to go for, here we have listed best of them: Best iPhone apps Flixter This app is designed for you to make your movie-viewing decisions. It lists movies with rating and theater show-time as well. You can …

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Rumors circulating around iPhone 7


One of the biggest product launches of 2016 is iPhone 7. With its release date approaching, speculations are on how it look like and what would be its specifications. Here, we have gathered all rumors circulating over iPhone 7. Apple is planning to get rid of 16GB small storage option in favor of a more generous 32GB base model. Rumors …

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8 ways to improve power consumption on your iPhone


If you are tired of your iPhone battery draining too faster, here are the tips to boost your iPhone battery lif

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Apple users, get a sneak peak of IOS 9

Ncell Roaming: Feel homely away from your home - Doorsanchar

Apple is set to provide a sneak peak of iOS 9 to anyone who want it before releasing the full version. The company recently released a public beta of its upcoming software for iPhone and iPad.

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Apps to download Torrents in Mobile

01 Torrent apps for smart phones tTorrent Lite

We all know that the best way to download or share big data files is Torrenting. Not only PCs but in mobile too Torrent is the best way to download big sized files such as movies and softwares. There are couples of software to download torrent in personal devices such as PC, Smartphones, tablets etc. among them uTorrent & BitTorrent are quite popular.

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Turn your iphone into a 3D camera

3DAround App to take 3D photos by iPhone

Soon you are going to turn your iphone into a 3d camera, with an app your iPhone will be 3D camera for you. An interesting app will make your mobile device a 3D camera which takes 360 degree pictures of objects and presents that as 3D photo. Named as 3DAround the app takes pictures that are not only 3D but interactive and another interesting thing with the app is now you can download this precious without paying, means app is available to download free.

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3 free iPhone apps to travel Sydney smart

3 apps to travel Sydney Smart

Sydney, not only in the list of most expensive cities in the world; it's the hub for international education and tourism. With diverse people and culture Sydney stands as a globalized city, one can enjoy colors of life in a short stay. Life and activities in Sydney are faster than other Asian cities (may be than other continents). There are two rule you must follow here (it's for your own benefit)

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Apple to Re-launch 4 inch iPhone Next Year


Taiwan's " Electronic Times ," reported that the Apple will begin the second half of 2015 to launch the new iPhone 4.0 inches screen. Reports that Apple made ​​this decision in view of the user one-hand operation convenience.

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5 Things you may not know what iPhone could do

iPhone 6-iPhone6plus available for pre booking in India from 7 October 2014

iPhone, most prestigious smart phone of the time. Most of you own the phone from American maker Apple. Steve Jobs has chosen 'this changes everything' as a slogan for Apple's smartphone and really the product changes everything phone market, use as well as life of individuals. Now people are expecting more and more features on their iPhone in every new version. In another part most of the users doesn't what and how iPhone works faster, unique and in different way. There are lots of unique settings and features probably most of its owner are not using or do not know about.

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How the Smart Phones controlling our lives (Info-graphic)

In many occasion we can say Smart Phones are have proved themselves as blessing to the human civilization however like every other they also have other side which is making us more salve to technology. World most truted research agency Nielsen has done intensive research on how Smartphones impacted our lives.

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Apple Unveils Two Phones: iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus


Apple has launched two new iPhone models slimmest design it ever made. The 4.7-inch iPhone 6 and the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus which are larger than previous devices are featured with faster processors, better cameras, and NFC integration along with Apple's new ApplePay payment system.

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