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10 awesome things to try in iOS 10


By now we are all aware of the exciting new update in iOS 10. If you have already downloaded iOS 10, you must be having a great experience with all its new features and app updates. But not all features are obvious. You won’t find some of the features until you search for them. There are some hidden features in …

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Convert Images to Documents on Your iPhone

Convert Images to Documents on Your iPhone - Doorsanchar

Do you remember the last time you wrote something on paper with an actual pen? Neither do we. Writing is replaced by typing and paper is replaced by computers or smartphones. Likewise, taking notes has evolved even more. It’s enough to snap a photo with your camera and there you go – all important information saved easily and quickly on …

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Messi runner mobile game launched


QB9 Entertainment, an Argentine company that recently acquired rights to design video games around the Barcelona star, has launched “Messi Runner,” a “Temple Run”-style game with a soccer twist. Temple Run centers around a group of characters trying to steal gold coins while avoiding obstacles and evading a group of demonic monkeys. While Messi runner tries to avoid obstacles on …

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Yahoo’s improved messenger


Internet giant yahoo has upgraded its chatting app known as yahoo messenger to another level by adding new features into it. With the aim to compete with facebook, whatsapp, viber and other leading messengers yahoo has launched its app on both android and ios platform.

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Facebook plans to launch ‘Work Chat’


Work chat will allow fellow work mates to communicate with each other by group chat, photo sharing, audio and video chat services.

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Apple users, get a sneak peak of IOS 9

Ncell Roaming: Feel homely away from your home - Doorsanchar

Apple is set to provide a sneak peak of iOS 9 to anyone who want it before releasing the full version. The company recently released a public beta of its upcoming software for iPhone and iPad.

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App to help for the well-being of earthquake victims


There is plenty of evidence that being proactive about caring for well-being can give us a real boost, even when times are stressful

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5 feature you will get in IOS 9


Apple is planning to make your experience quite good with new features and version of its IOS here are 5 feature you will get in IOS 9

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Apple Says These are the “Best Of” 2014 iOS Apps


It’s time for everyone to make their year-end lists and apple has just come out with its awards for the best iOS apps and games of 2014. Below, are list of apps that became the best of the best.

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Apple’s New Product iPad Air Plus 12.2 Inch

Pic: apple

The rumors are surrounding that the apple is working on new big tablet of 12.2 inch. The Japanese magazine ‘Mac Fan’ claims that apple is working on new iPad Air Plus which will arrive in the market in June or July.

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Study reveals that almost all Apps have been Hacked – Infographic


A study has revealed that all most all apps of android and iOS have been hacked. A report by Arxan Technologies, reveals that 97% of the top 100 paid Android apps and 87% of the top 100 paid Apple iOS apps have been hacked.

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Facebook Group App: An Innovative Way to Manage Your Groups


Facebook has launched new Facebook Groups app that helps people share faster and more easily with all the groups in their life. Facebook built this app with the people who use Groups the most in mind.

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Use Google Map offline on Android & iOS

Google_maps_available offline mode android ios

Google has introduced new feature on the latest update Android 8.0 featuring to access Google Map even on offline mode which was represented by less effective of caching offline maps on previous versions.

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