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National Broadband master plan proposes to bring in new telecom company

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Nationwide broadband to be available by 2020 National Broadband master plan prepared by Nepal Telecommunication Authority has proposed to bring in new telecom company to secure a more competitive telecommunications sector. It has stated that current state of duopoly of Nepal Telecom and Ncell which hold 95% of total market share is not likely to produce the good outcomes for …

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‘Yetihasik’ offer of Worldlink


Worldlink Communications has introduced new offer under its segment Worldlink Fiber service. It has referred to the offer ‘Yetihasik offer first time in Nepal ekdam unlimited internet at a high speed of 3mbps. The main attraction of this package is a discount on the price of internet package. If customers buy 12 months of unlimited internet package with the speed …

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Nepal Telecom revises FTTH rates


Nepal Telecom has come up with revised rate of wired based FTTH internet service. Along with FTTH rate, the rate has been revised for packaged distribution and sales, customer –premises equipment (CPE) charge.

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11 million Nepalese have access to Internet


According to Management Information Systems (MIS) report published by Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA), internet saturation in the country has stretched 44.11 percent. There are a total of 11,687,819 Internet subscribers as of November 2015.

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182 Hotspot locations of NT WiFi


Nepal Telecom (NT) has already launched WiMAX based WiFi service named “NTC WiFi” throughout the country here are 182 Hotspot locations of NT WiFi

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Connect Sky Pro Internet?

11 How to install SkyPro on your computer.....install CDMA EVDO device on your computer.....Nepal Telecom Wireless Broadband IP CDMA

EVDO service which supports both voice and data service is compatible for smartphones, tablet computers, laptops and desktop via various devices like USB EVDO modem, PCMCIA EVDO modem, EVDO mobile with speed of 3 Mbps. NT is currently distributing RUIM card bundled USB dongle through its sale center throughout the country.

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